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Jul 31 2017

Drug addiction recovery treatment and rehab center #addiction #recovery #lds


The Phoenix Difference

After a standardized assessment, clients are placed in the most effective level of care based upon clinical and medical concerns. Each level of care provides a unique and tailored blend of therapy and experiences to stabilize and influence sustainable change.

Evidence Based Recovery Mental Health Outcomes

Every point of service delivery is supported by research to provide the best opportunity for effective healing, growth, and change. Our outcome research demonstrates we are effecting change and supporting clients and their families to achieve their goals in overcoming addiction and or mental health related diseases.

Disease Management and Meaning Discovery

What captures the motivation for change is the clients ability to discover and apply personal and shared meaning. Learning and developing disease management skills ensures lasting and sustainable solutions. To this end, clients and families learn how to draw upon strengths and social resources to realize meaning fulfillment.

This place Saved my life. Love everyone there and I am forever grateful for all the love and support that they have given me

I’m so grateful for the Phoenix RC. The staff is top notch, and were able to give me the tools and love need to understand my addiction, and what I need to do to live a happy sober life.

Some of my favorite people and friends I’ve met here and had the privilege of working together to create a better happier me! I’m forever in debt to this awesome organization, The Phoenix!

The Phoenix Recovery Center saved my life, literally! There isn’t one person who didn’t make a difference in my recovery here. I called them broken, hopeless, and scared and right away I felt safe in their hands. They have helped me find my voice and understand addiction better than I have in any other treatment center. The different kinds of therapy really strengthened me spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They genuinely care about you and they will all be my friends for life.

The Phoenix Recovery Center didn’t give me my life back it gave me a life to live! Without this program, I would not be where I am today with over a year sober. The Phoenix gave me the roots and stepping stones to start my recovery. The staff embraced and loved me like I was family. They have an awesome inpatient facility and several different stages of out-patient so you don’t fall behind! I owe everything to The Phoenix.

Our son’s life was saved by The Phoenix Recovery Center! He battled addiction for years and our lives were ravaged with the destruction and pain addiction brings to both the family and the individual. He had tried other programs without success. The staff is just incredible. They are kind and supportive and they communicate in a way that let’s you know they really, genuinely care. They taught him the tools he needs to overcome addiction. Truly a miracle! We cannot recommend them highly enough!

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