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Jul 31 2017

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Free YOURSELF from
DRUG or ALCOHOL addiction.


Drug Rehab Alcohol Treatment Centers

The journey to a healthy, sober life is not a quick and easy one. It is a lifelong commitment of dedication and hard work. The rewards gained from transforming a life of addiction into a life of recovery, however, are immeasurable and well worth the effort. Like any journey, the road to sobriety begins with simple steps forward.

Steps of the Addiction Rehab Process

The specific steps for each person s addiction rehabilitation process will vary depending on the type of addiction, the prescribed treatment plan, and the personality of the individual seeking rehab. With that, all recovery processes tend to share certain key elements:

If you have any questions concerning the rehab process or your individual quest for recovery, please call (844-747-6542 ) to speak with one of our treatment support advisors who will answer your questions confidentially — at any time of the day or night — with no obligation.

When Do You Need Treatment?

Drug and Alcohol addictions are complex diseases with far reaching consequences. Does your drug seeking behavior persist despite serious consequences? Has your family or friends expressed concern? Are you in trouble at work or at school because of your drug or alcohol use? Have your moods, appetite, sleeping habits, and overall health changed? Do you find that you cannot be without your drug of choice at any time? Consult immediately with your physician or an expert in the field of addiction to assess your need for treatment, or, you may speak to us at (844-747-6542 ).

Addressing The Root Causes Of Addiction

We recommend and interdisciplinary therapeutic approach designed to address the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction.

How Long Will It Take?

Every treatment plan is customized and the length of time in treatment really depends on the individual’s specific needs. Since we address the whole person, the initial treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery is determined on a patient-by-patient basis.

What Happens When You Call?

You will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable and compassionate admissions specialists who are here 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns in complete confidentiality.

Does Rehabilitation Work?

The short answer is yes , but it does depend partly on you. The caring team at The Hills does all that it can to ensure that the program maximizes every opportunity for your successful outcome. All of the programs, from detox to recovery support, are designed according to the latest and best drug and alcohol research guidelines. We offer many therapeutic models to ensure that you end your battle with drug dependency and addiction.

How Do You Pay For It?

Clients either pay with cash or insurance. Most centers will do their best to coordinate with many different insurance carriers to cover the cost of treatment. Discuss the details of you accessing your insurance with one of these experienced admission counselors.

This Is How We Partner

Help for Friends Family

Counseling for loved ones that have chronic substance use disorders is critical to keep the bridges of communication open. Family therapy during the course of recovery is another important step in guiding loved ones to aid recovery and understanding addiction. Conversely, family services also allow loved ones to remain in control of their lives. apart from addiction.

Addiction Free Living

Keep up to date with recent trends in addiction studies, statistics, and new developments across the nation to keep abreast of addiction news like; overdose trends, relapse rates, and recovery feats. Knowing the best treatment options beforehand will ensure you make an educated decision for yourself or your loved ones. Stay in the know now, and avoid potential relapses tomorrow.

Treatment Services

Rehabilitation teaches clients to relinquish harmful, addictive behaviors with CBT based therapy, and guides people in recovery to embrace healthy methods of self-expression and stress relief. Treatment consists of detox, residential rehab, outpatient rehab, and drug counseling. Addiction treatment is essential in preventing relapse and establishing long-term sobriety.

Facility Near You

Choosing the best facility for you or a loved one is imperative to getting the best treatment possible. Our comprehensive directory features the best of the best, inclusive of detoxification, rehabilitation, outpatient programs, drug counseling, behavioral therapy, and more! Don’t hesitate; we’ll connect you with the perfect treatment facility today!

Let s Talk Treatment

Hi, I am Brian, the owner of this fabulous website and a recovering addict. In 2012 I totaled my car while drunk, and didn t learn my lesson. Just over 1 year later I had another accident that broke my neck. I was temporarily paralyzed and my 14 year old son saved my life. Luckily I have made a near full recovery both from my addiction and broken neck. Don t wait till it is too late begin your treatment today.

Ace | VI, United States | Submitted 28 Jul 2016 “Their staff is very polite and I felt very comfortable talking about all the issues that I was having. Addiction Recovery Now helped me pick a high-end rehabilitation center near my home. Would 100% recommend their services.”

Gibi | WA, United States | Submitted 27 Mar 2017 “My friends and relatives were in a difficult spot to see me suffering every single time they met me. The addiction to drugs had made me a weak person, but ARN was the place which understood my fears and troubles. The psychologists and counsellors very well brought out that fear from my mind, and gave me the gift to be open and free.”

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