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Jul 31 2017

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Large file attachments can be sent from point A to B in many different ways. Not all of them are fast or easy. Just a few years ago, you would need a truckload of floppies to send a 2GB file. Today, anyone can send it to another part of the world in just a few clicks.

The perceived simplicity of file transfer raises more questions: How to protect files on their way? How to verify that the documents have been received? Where exactly are the files now? Who is reading them?

We first came out with the idea of Intelligent File Transfer in 2007, when we launched site. is much more than that. It is a secure and powerful online service for preparing, managing and sending file packages, with pictures, music, office documents or any other attachments to multiple recipients at the same time. You cannot just email attachments anymore. Most e-mail providers block file attachments over a certain size, which is typically 10-20MB. can store file copies for you, and provide reliable file delivery to your recipients even while you are offline.

We provide file storage and transport, and we help you to
– decide when your files need to be delivered to your customers,
– receive files from your customers or friends,
– control file availability and access,
– track file and package activity via online reports.

What People Say

“Thanks for your great service! I didn’t know how I’d send a large ad file to my publisher but found your site thru Google search and I’m so happy!”

-Jennifer Reynolds Billings,
fitness professional

“Quality website and will save you a packet on stupid subscriptions to high yield uploaders.”

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