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Aug 7 2017

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Sending Microsoft Access Email Blasts Programmatically (VBA)

The add-in Wizard in Total Access Emailer lets you interactively create the email blasts you want to send from Microsoft Access.

In the Professional Version. Total Access Emailer offers a VBA programmatic interface that lets you run these email blasts from your MS Access code. This can be tied to an event (for instance, a button click), a macro via the RunCode action, or within your other VBA processes.

The nice thing is the complexity of creating, specifying all the options, and testing/previewing the email blast can be done interactively through the add-in, and you simply launch it in your code.


Interactive VBA Code Generator

Total Access Emailer add-in includes a Code Generator that lets you interactively choose to run or preview the email blast, specify other options, and see the corresponding VBA code for the currently selected email blast. Then paste the code into your module to run your email blast.

Code Generator to Send or Preview Email Blasts from Total Access Emailer

Sending an Email Blast from Microsoft Access

By adding Total Access Emailer’s royalty-free runtime distribution file as a library reference to your project, you can invoke its procedure. Any email blast created by the add-in can be added to your application with a simple function call. Each email blast is given a number. In this example, email blast #25 is sent:

That’s all you need to add the sophisticated email features of Total Access Emailer into your applications. The user interface can be completely hidden so your users don’t even realize Total Access Emailer is running in the background. You control your user’s experience.

Procedure Definition

Procedure Parameters

These parameters are available to customize how your email blast is sent. You can choose to have Total Access Emailer display its progress screens with your title, or hide it completely from your user.

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