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Aug 11 2017

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Corporate Financing Consultant

We service ONLY the US, Canada and Puerto Rico!

We work with four sources for business loans. Here are the criteria:

Source One (Securities Loans and Lines of Credit)

This financial platform provides the following advantages:

  1. Rates from 2.5% to 4.5% Fixed.
  2. Credit and income are not considered.
  3. Aggressive LTV’s up to 80%.
  4. Interest-only payments.
  5. No upfront or Due Diligence fees.
  6. Funds may be used for any purpose.
  7. Non-personal recourse loan.
  8. Penny stocks qualify.
  9. US securities only.
  10. Close in a matter of days.
  1. Loan size: From $300,000 up to $10 million.
  2. Loans are to be used only for business purposes.
  3. Loans are to be backed by commercial and/or residential property.
  4. Loans are interest only.
  5. Terms are up to 2 years.
  6. Approvals are generally received within 48 hours. Some may take longer.
  7. Rates are dependent upon the situation, but expect 15% to 18%.
  8. Location is restricted to the Western states, especially Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. Others will be considered on a case by case basis.

I have worked directly with this firm for over twenty years and have found them excellent in all respects with a solid reputation in the industry.

  1. Loan Size: From $1 Million to $50 Million. Must be a minimum of $2 Million for international loans. Canada and the Caribbean $2 million.
  2. Loans are made for business purposes only. Personal guarantees are often required. They may be negotiated.
  3. Collateral: Commercial Real estate Land. Personal homes may qualify but must NOT be the principal residence of the borrower.
  4. Loans are based on an LTV of 50 to 75% defined as the expected sale price if sold within 12 months. If the loan is used for renovation or construction, the loan amount can be based on the completed value, staying at a 50% LTV ratio thoughout the course of construction and would be disbursed in stages. LTVs go up to 60% based on a six month cash sale.
  5. Rates vary from 12-18% for (US) domestic loans, interest only, depending on collateral and loan structure. Rates for international loans span 12-18%.
  6. In lieu of equity, a fee of 2-1% may be paid, 3-11% for international loans.
  7. One to three years, typically. No prepayment penalty.
  8. Location: World wide.
  9. Depending on your situation and quality of your attorney, these loans may be closed within a few weeks.

Email us for further information regarding these loans.

Our fourth and newest source makes us able to offer SMALL BUSINESS LOANS, $10,000 to $2,000,000.

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