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Sep 17 2017

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Looking for Private college for Nursing near Sacramento or Bay area

ITT-Tech in Rancho Cordova is beginning a generic ADN program. The program beings March 2012.

I just completed my teas exam. I got 79.3 percent. I wanted to apply in CSU: universities but I think my score will not be enough now. My G.P.A. is 3.56. I am not sure if I will be chosen in the lottery of the community colleges. Therefore, I am looking for private colleges in Sacramento area. Or bay area or San Francisco. Do you guys have any advise for private college. I am really frustrated. Thanks for the help.

I applied to the ITT TECH nursing program,,scored 91.3 in the HESI but was told i didnt make it since my score wasnt high enough,i did the financial aid part and my credit was run and i was eligible for the schools loan program to substitute my finacial aid,,yet i was not accepted..i have taken all my pre-reqs plus i have a BS in micobiology as well.The nurse chair said i was welcome to reapply in sep 12..I think the admit people who they will make a lot of money from like ppl with no pre-reqs etc.Tuition is 54000.that is a lot of money to invest for a 2.5yr program(AS).

To the OP: If you haven’t gotten in yet, apply to all the programs in the areas that you mentioned that are accredited through the BRN. Just check out all the programs, find out if you have met their prerequisites, and apply. If you’re able to travel a bit, you will have a much larger pool of programs to choose from than I did. If you are a qualified applicant at several schools, chances are better that you’ll be admitted to a program fairly quickly than if you apply to a more limited selection.

If you don’t have a 1st Bachelor’s, your selection pool may be even larger as you won’t limited in whether or not you can enroll in a 4 year program as a 2nd Bachelor’s students. as some universities have restricted 2nd Bachelor’s students from enrolling an any program. Sac State comes to mind as until recently (and perhaps will again) they didn’t allow 2nd Bachelor’s Students to enroll there.

To Ozonelayer, Itt is shady if what you say about your Hesi score is true. I called them about their sep. start and asked what the range was for their Hesi that were accepted into the March start and I was told it was from 87-97, so if you realy got a 91.3 you have a legitimate complaint there. I want o go there, I don’t realy like for profit schools but it’s just so hard to get into other programs and moving is not an option.

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