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Sep 19 2017

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Health Administration Jobs

Health Administration Job Overview

Those who work in health administration jobs are often referred to as medical and health services managers. They direct, plan, and coordinate a vast variety of medical services as well as health-related services. They may manage a certain department or area of a hospital, or they may manage an entire doctor’s office or suite of offices.

Employees who work in health administration jobs typically perform the following duties each day:

  • Strive to be efficient in how they deliver healthcare services
  • Make the work schedules for medical staff members of their office or division
  • Supervise assistant administrators in the medical facilities
  • Train newer employees who will work under them, including assistant administrators
  • Represent the medical facility on governing boards
  • Organize and maintain the facility’s records of such data as the number of hospital beds or patient rooms that will be available
  • Communicate with doctors, other staff members, and patients in a courteous, professional manner

Workers in the medical field will likely enjoy working in health administration jobs if they excel at multitasking and supervising. They also need to have a great bedside manner because of the many diverse personalities that they will work closely with each day.

Health Administration Job Education Requirements

Employees who work in health administration jobs usually need to have at least earned a bachelor’s degree to get a starting level position. Those who attain a master’s degree in health services, public administration, or a related field are more likely to acquire the more competitive and desirable positions that also pay at a higher rate. It’s ideal to work towards a degree in health administration because these programs help you understand the complex duties that you will be performing, and you will likely learn necessary things like health economics, strategic planning, and hospital organization and management. Also, employees who work in health administration jobs must be willing to continually remain educated on changes in healthcare laws, technological advances, and medical regulations.

Health Administration Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a growth of 23 percent in health administration jobs, which is great news for those who are pursuing this profession. That adds up to around 73,300 new jobs. The demand for health administration workers is expected to grow as medical group practices become larger. A large aging population will mean the expansion of many healthcare facilities and the addition of new ones for some time to come. There will also be a growing demand for other healthcare jobs like nursing jobs and biotechnology jobs .

Health Administration Job Salary Information

Medical and health services managers earned a median salary of $88,580 in 2012. The top employees in these positions made over $150,560, while the low-end average salary was under $53,940, which is still considerably more than positions like medical reception jobs. Larger hospitals and medical facilities in larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are likely to pay significantly more than smaller doctor’s offices throughout the country. In order to move up to a substantially higher-paying position, employees who work in health administration jobs should continue to get a higher education.

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