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Sep 27 2017

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Home Design Software Programs For Contractors

Thanks to Digital Canal and our home design software for contractors, you are now able to essentially build an entire project on your computer screen and make sure it meets the needs of both you and your client before bringing it to the field and building it in the physical sense.

SolidBuilder and Building Blocks are design programs for home builders that gives you full control of your project. The design phase is often a tedious and meticulous one — at least, it used to be.

With our design software for home building, designing a project was never easier and more streamlined. Thanks to SolidBuilder and Building Blocks, you have the power to:

  • Design quickly and efficiently: Building Blocks is the front end interface to Solid Builder and its built-in wizard walks you through the project step to step to help you design the whole thing. Designing is as simple as clicking a mouse and choosing from a wide array of pre-loaded design options. That doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box — our software is fully customizable and adapts to your unique building design.
  • Make changes without disruption: Our home design software for building professionals also allows for seamless changes in the design. Before, builders would cringe at the thought of all the legwork that goes into changing major aspects of a project. Now, changes are instant and don’t create any extra work for you.
  • Let your clients see the finished project: Whether you are trying to woo a potential client or simply want to provide a high level of service for an existing client, our home design software for contractors allows one-click renderings that shows a 3D model of the project, making it come alive on the computer screen.

SolidBuilder isn’t just a helpful tool for the design phase, though. Once the project is designed, our design programs for home builders can produce workable blueprints of the project that your crews can use for the construction phase.

These are accurate plans that eliminate mistakes thanks to our True Build technology. SolidBuilder and Building Blocks will not let you design anything that can’t be built.

Get a free demonstration of our software

See SolidBuilder and Building Blocks in action. A member of our team can arrange for a free demonstration so you can see how this home design software for contractors will benefit you and streamline your projects

To view product demonstrations or to receive a live personal demonstration Click Here
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