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Jan 11 2018

WoodLtd(R) Studio has a small but rather distinctive collection of traditional antique like doors suitable for interior or exterior use. We make master-craft pocket doors to slide into a wall or French doors in Renaissance style to separate rooms. We also specialize in unusual reproduction doors and historic large doors perfect for a wine cellar. Our old-fashioned doors range in style from traditional panel configurations, to doors with traditional glass inserts. Please enjoy browsing our selection of custom made antique doors.

WoodLtd(R) Studio also has a distinctive collection of aged antique like doors suitable for front main entry, ballrooms and new construction. The styles range from Victorian to Renaissance. Some may be an entry doors with beautiful carvings and ornaments, others are oversized interior wood paneled doors. We make French doors with beveled glass panes divided by wood mullions or full panels of leaded and beveled art and stained glass.

Gothic Doors and Architecture: is a style of architecture, particularly associated with cathedrals and other churches, which flourished in Europe during the high and late medieval period. Beginning in 12th century France, it was known as the French Style , with the term Gothic first appearing in the Reformation era as a stylistic insult. It was succeeded by Renaissance architecture beginning in Florence in the 15th century. A series of Gothic revivals began in mid-18th century England, spread through 19th century Europe and continued, largely for ecclesiastical and university structures, into the 20th century.

Antique is an object, often furniture, a door or any other domestic item, that is highly valued because of its age, unique style, or because it belongs to a specific time period. A relic or old object having aesthetic, historic, and financial value. Formerly, it referred only to the remains of the classical cultures of Greece and Rome; gradually, decorative artscourtly, bourgeois, and peasantof all past eras and places came to be considered antique.

Import Antiques have been variously defined by law for tariff purposes. The U.S. Tariff Act of 1930 exempted from duty specified antiquities and objects of art produced prior to 1830, and that year became more or less internationally accepted as an appropriate terminal date in defining antique. In 1952 the Florence Agreement, sponsored by UNESCO and signed by 17 countries, agreed to facilitate the free flow of educational, scientific and cultural materials by the removal of barriers that impede the international movement of such materials, and antiques were affected by subsequent legislation adopted in the participating countries to implement the agreement. The United States, for instance, passed a new tariff act in 1966 permitting the duty-free importation of antiques made prior to 100 years before their date of entry; comparable regulations had already gone into effect in other participating countries. In general usage, antiques frequently are now defined as objects of artistic and historical significance that are at least 100 years old.

Antique Collecting The collecting of antiques goes back almost as far as history, beginning with the preservation of temple treasures. In England, concern for the historical as well as aesthetic significance of antiques led, as early as the 16th century, to collections illustrating the national past. In 1857 the museum now called the Victoria and Albert opened in London as a repository for decorative arts, intended to stimulate designers as well as collectors. It was followed in 1863 by a great public collection in Vienna, in 1882 by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, and in 1897 by the Museum of the Arts of Decoration at Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in New York City. Collecting antiques became a truly popular pursuit in the 20th century.

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