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Feb 27 2018

Pioneer Health Care Center in Rocky Ford, CO

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Give back love and care to the senior members of your family by providing them with the services they need to thrive at this stage of life. Located in the lower Arkansas River Valley of Southeastern Colorado, Pioneer Health Care Center seeks to create an inviting place where smiles are a key factor in the individualized care each resident receives. Whatever the length of stay, comfort and safety are assured in our facility.

Our resident’s can choose to partake in many activities, outings, and social clubs. They can rest easy knowing their needs are being met by staff available 24/7.

Life at Pioneer Health Care Center

Susan Forgetta, a resident of Pioneer Health Care Center since June 2016, shares her experience living in our facility. Read about what she has to say:

“It’s a wonderful second family. No other words compare- it’s simply wonderful.” Susan Forgetta recalls the day she toured Pioneer Health Care Center like it was yesterday. “I expected to see a bunch of old folks, in wheel chairs, drooling on themselves,” she states in her drawn Brooklyn accent. “Boy was I thrown for a loop when I walked through an activity room filled with children laughing and playing with these spunky seniors,” she continues.

Susan, originally from Brooklyn, New Jersey, moved to Rocky Ford, Colorado from Houston, Texas in 2015 to be closer to her daughter. Between her daughter having her own life to tend to, and Susan’s health slowing declining, she decided she no longer wanted to seem like a burden. Susan settled in rather quickly, finding her own routine to adjust. “Every morning I wake early to get ready for my dialysis. I go down and make coffee, real coffee,” she states. “Then I sit with the girls working and we just chit chat for a while. It’s like I have a second family here.”

“The staff are simply wonderful, no other words can describe them. They truly go way over and beyond to accommodate. The activity gals made me special bingo cards to help with my eye sight, the C.N.A. gals run crazy like chickens with no heads, and I really don’t know how these nurses keep up. I couldn’t do what these people do for me every day,” Susan states as her eyes water. “I’ve never resented the fact that I am here, and I’m beyond thankful in my decision to call this place home.”

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