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Mar 3 2018

Electrical Engineering Department

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Metria Innovation offers advanced motion tracking systems based on the research of Dr. Brian Armstrong (right).

  • Assistant Professor Arash Mafi (left) and Salman Karbasi have developed a way to increase the information fiber optic cables can carry.

  • Ramin Pashaie, assistant professor of engineering, builds equipment that can translate the field of optogenetics into new treatments for ailments like stroke-related paralysis.

  • Students in the lab of Dr. Mahsa Ranji perform an optical biopsy.

    Electrical Engineering at UWM

    Electrical engineering graduates pursue careers in fields such as energy generation and transmission, renewable energy, power electronics, bio-imaging and devices, signal and image processing, communications, optical and photonic circuits and devices, controls and automation, and many other areas.

    Several possible technical elective course groupings are listed below, as an aid in choosing technical electives. Electrical engineering students do not need to follow any particular grouping the listings described below are provided as a guide only. In the long term, students will be better prepared for an engineering career having a broad exposure to different technical area, rather than a narrow focus in one specialized area. Some information concerning technical specialties within electrical engineering, and general information about electrical engineering, can be found on the undergraduate major or graduate degree pages.

    Work with faculty engaged in leading-edge research in areas such as:

    • Optics and photonics in neuroscience
    • Renewable energy
    • Machine learning
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data visualization
    • Electric vehicles, aircraft and ships

    We offer an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science in engineering degree in Electrical Engineering that prepares you for the future.

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