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Mar 13 2018

Disability Insurance for Surgeons

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Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Berkshire offers one of the most competitive disability insurance contracts available for surgeons. Surgeons can get up to $17,000 a month 4 of true own-occupation disability insurance with medical specialty protection to age 65, or 67.

You have spent a lot of time and money to become a surgeon, so it would be our recommendation to protect your income with the most comprehensive disability insurance policy available today. It is our belief that Berkshire’s ProVider Plus disability insurance policy is the most comprehensive DI product on the market. It was designed to pay the most claims dollars in the most possible claims scenarios.

See How Surgeons Buy Disability Insurance

When you use the quote request tool on this page, you will get an instant disability insurance quote. This quote resource actually shows you the average rate all of our surgeon clients are paying for their in-force disability insurance policies right now.

When you select your age, gender, state, and income range the quote tool will display the average rate of everybody just like you who has already purchased a disability insurance policy from us. Not only will we show you the average rates instantly, we will also show you exactly how your peer group sets up their policy. We will show you what percentage of surgeons just like you chose each optional rider, which elimination and benefit period they chose, and what the average monthly benefit is.

Berkshire’s True Competitive Advantage

While the true own-occupation definition of total disability and medical specialty language is probably the number one reason so many surgeons turn to Berkshire for their disability insurance protection, the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider 1 and the Residual Disability Benefit Rider 1 are almost equally as important.

While many carriers offer benefits to age 65 or 67, Berkshire also offers you the ability to receive disability benefits for the rest of your life so long as you remain continuously totally disabled if you have the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider 1. When you review a disability insurance quote from our agency, you will see the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider listed on the Proposed Coverage Report with its premium broken out.

The Residual Disability Benefit Rider available with ProVider Plus policy is also one of the most comprehensive residual riders available today. You may end up totally disabled, but many claims start or end with a residual claim. If you can still perform the material and substantial duties of your medical specialty, but have an income loss of 15% or more because of a sickness or injury, you will be eligible for residual disability benefits. Most of Berkshire’s competitors also require a loss of time or duties to pay a residual claim, ProVider Plus’ Residual Disability Benefit Rider only requires a loss of income.

The Residual Disability Benefit Rider also includes a recovery provision that continues to pay benefits for up to the full benefit period should you continue to suffer at least a 15% loss of income solely due to your injury or sickness, where most competitors stop residual payments once you are back to work full time. This means ProVider Plus is designed to do more to assist with your financial recovery even after you have physically recovered.

4. $17,000 a month available in all states except for California when maximum is $16,000.

5. Assuming premiums were paid with your own after-tax dollars.

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